A Revelation.

Well, two actually.

First. I am already turning into a self-absorbed blogger. I’m posting a second blog entry right after my first ever one. I suppose this one will be related to geek things and should not be categorized in the “Uncategorized” category …. but when you bring things like world hunger and war into the balance I guess the categorization of a few measly paragraphs on the internets is also pretty bigoted too.

However. The revelation I had when I decided to begin writing my second ever blog post is as follows.


I don’t care if they’re evil and plotting world domination. They are fantastic. Gmail - the most fantastic email client ever. Google Calendars - coherent, effective, easy, powerful. Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Web Toolkit - genius. App Engine - well… you see where I’m going with this.

They manage to consistently do what others are doing, but do it 100x better. And best of all they’re free. I’m a tightwad so this is a massive plus. The flexibility they offer with their API’s is also fantastic.

I’ve always loved the basic Google stuff, Web search, Image search, Google Maps, Google Earth etc. I recently decided to play around with Gmail and see what it had to offer. A week later I’ve imported all the emails I have from 2006 (about 7500+) into it. The labelling and filtering system, a UI that is more responsive than Outlook and incredible search system encouraged me to make the switch. I then also became a Google Calendar convert too, and this ties in nicely with gmail.

I’m hoping that Gmail will expose API’s to allow extensibility to the system at some point, I’d geek out hardcore to that.

A couple of months back I began to play with Google Web Toolkit. The idea was amazing, and the implementation was just as incredible. Since using it I can’t image how I built web apps before without it. The flexibility offered by a high level language such as Java and the powerful debugging tools is a perfect fit for web development. I’m currently building a CMS in GWT and will be releasing it soon, will be fun to rant about that for a while at some point.

No, I’m not on the Google payroll, I just love how they offer so many fantastic services, and don’t jump at every opportunity to monetize them like Microsoft does.