'Tis Morning.

So here I am on the bus at 7am. Kind of a sucky time to pick to take the bus, kids everywhere. I’m sure they’re all nice enough kids on their own, but out them together and you have trouble. Obnoxious trouble.

Anyway heading into work today, will be working on PEGG stuff (Private Equity Gateway Group, mob I work for). Today I need to wrap up a project I’ve been working on for a while. It’s a .NET system that maintains repositories of documents on a server, facilitates purchasing instances of these repositories, and synchronizes them to a client. It’s going to be used to serve up informative documents for a couple of different industries.

Anyway, I took over the project a few months ago from another group. The source base was messy, spaghetti VB.net code (ugh!). I’ve cleaned it up to a production ready state, but I still feel dirty every time I boot up Visual Basic Express.

THe system we devised for this project has marketable worth, we might be taking it to other groups and looking at reselling it. For that reason as soon as this initial project is released I’m going to be redoing the entire codebase in C#. While I’ve always been a Java man I can’t ignore how great .NET is.

This week I need to chug through a fair bit of work, got a couple of projects I’m being contracted to develop, deadlines are fast approaching. Maybe I shall blog on them later (they’re fairly interesting!).

For now I’m gonna go back to Eclipse and play with Google AppEngine for Java a bit more.