Windows 7 Eh ....

Damnit. I can’t find anything about Windows 7 to hate :(

Have been using it for a few days now. From the initial bootup everything was incredibly smooth. All my hardware was fine (including my USB wireless adapter), didn’t need to install software or drivers for anything.

It runs beautifully, I don’t have concrete numbers obviously but it really feels just as smooth and responsive as a vanilla installation of WinXP. Compatbility has been fine, I haven’t come across any applications I use frequently that aren’t working or exhibiting odd behaviour. I love the new taskbar while it is a big change I found it very natural and intuitive straight away, without needing to read any tips or tricks, or seek help.

While not really important or relevant, I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying the desktop background slideshows, some amazing art and the LAST place I would expect to find it is on a vanilla Microsoft Windows installation. Fantastic :)

The Windows Virtual Machine beta is ok, but it’s just that, a beta. It’s still pretty rough around the edges and there’s plenty of kinks to be ironed out. Also Windows Media Player 12 was a bit dodgy, it didn’t want to remember my media library everytime I closed it down. Beyond that I really haven’t had any issues.

Dear Microsoft, thank you for designing an operating system that works!