iPhone Says Hello

So I bit the bullet lat weekend and got an iPhone. I must say, I’m not in the least disappointed. This device easily meets all the expectations I had of it, and then some.

From a hardware perspective the unit is rock solid, I haven’t had any issues with the performance of the device. The battery life, or rather the shortness of it, took me by surprise somewhat. However this being my first smartphone I’m probably just not used to the demands constant 3g connectivity and a large touchscreen have on the poor battery.

The OS and general usability of it are nothing short of fantastic. I didn’t need to read any kind of manual or even a “Get Started” guide to get the hang of everything. Initially the onscreen keyboard vexed me, but I wasn’t fully aware of how it worked. After getting the hang of it my typing speed went through the roof, to the point where I’m already typing faster than I do with t9 input.

Of course my favourite aspect of the iPhone is the third party apps. I’ve got apps that let me connect to my windows work pc using RDP, translate text, convert currencies, do my net banking, and the list goes on. As it happens, I’m writing this blog entry using the fantastic Wordpress2 app.

With all the exciting cloud based apps popping up and the steadily increasing support developers are affording mobile devices, I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings for my iPhone to tickle my nerd fancy. As much as I hate you Apple, thanks for a device that just works!