Time. Where Art Thou?

Rant time.

I wake up at 6:00am. Perhaps by some people’s standards this isn’t terribly early, but for a geek it’s a pretty respectable hour to emerge from your bedroom coherent (well … if you call bleary eyed staggering to the shower such a thing). I shower, walk around aimlessly trying to shake the cobwebs out of my caffeine-deprived brain, sometimes have some food, then it’s out the door. I recently moved to the city so now I walk into work, as it’s 2.5km away. Takes me about 30 minutes at a brisk walking pace. I need to be into work around 7am so I depart my humble abode @ 6:30ish.

I currently work a couple of different jobs and balance some contract work on the side. I do a couple of hours for one of the groups I work for in the morning, usually 7-9. Then it’s off to my main job ‘till 5:30pm. Luckily the two different companies I work for happen to be on the same street. Awesome right?

5:30pm rolls up, I walk home. Get home by 6:00pm. Now that contract work I mentioned before is fairly hefty, by rights I should be spending about 3 hours a day working on this stuff at home also. If I did that, I’d be working until 9:00pm. Now, to not wake up wanting to slit wrists, I should be going to bed by around 10:00pm right? Okay so, that leaves an hour free a day. Awesome. I didn’t even factor dinner in there, which usually takes 30 mins if you cook it yourself (although I’m lucky as I have awesome housemates who cook dinner alot of nights).

And of course I’ve deliberately left out social outings here too. Anytime I decide to go out (even Fridays), I end up feeling the effects of the missed valuable sleep time.

In the words of oiled-up CGI-enhanced Gerard Butler … THIS IS MADNESS. I can’t keep this up!

The last couple of weeks I have actually had to put my main job on hold (it’s on a contracting basis, even though it’s fulltime, so I have that luxury thankfully) to prioritize the contract work as it has a fairly important massive deadline rolling up end of this month. I picked this work up last year and this deadline represents most of the remainder of the project, so getting it out of the way should be a huge load off my shoulders.

Despite all this though, I will admit I have a habit of not doing the contract work in the evenings when I should be, and I’ve cut my main job to half days more than a couple of times lately… I’ve just been so bloody TIRED. I’m still quite proud of where I am right now though. It wasn’t that long ago that I shirked work obligations a lot.