Shiny Desktop Notifications From Google Chrome

So I was dicking around in Google Calendar the other day, updating settings and trolling for any cool new Labs stuff to enable… Anyway, I made some changes and clicked submit. I was provided with the ol’ yellow InfoBar that asked me for permission to allow something to … blah blah blah. I was a on a Google site and I have pretty much entrusted my soul to Google already - so I didn’t bother reading it before clicking Allow.

Imagine my surprise when a sexy little desktop notification popped up in the bottom right of my screen! Intrigued, I did a bit of Googling, there’s a couple of news posts about it, but nothing substantial… other than the design doc hosted on

It’s currently only available in the developer channel of Google Chrome. If you’re running the dev channel, then check out the example below:

Your browser does not support Desktop Notifications.

You need to grant permission to this site to display notifications. Grant Now;)

Permission for this website to display notifications has been explicitly denied. Don’t you love me? ;( Recheck Permission;)

Permission requested. Check your info bar (yellow bar at the top of the browser viewport).

There is currently a notification active. Cancel;)

There is currently notifications active.

A notification will appear in seconds. Go ahead and minimize or change tabs now.

Desktop Notifications active. Show Notification;) | Show Many Notifications;) | Show Timed Notification;)

For those interested, that code that powers this little example can be found here.

Very cool stuff. There are so many places this would come in handy. Super Facebook notifications, anyone?