Internet Explorer 9.... Wow?

Okay, so you’ll never make a IE convert out of me. I think I speak for the web developer community as a whole when I give Internet Explorer and Microsoft a great big middle finger salute.

HOWEVER! After downloading the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview, I got the shock of my life. An Internet Explorer that is taking a DECENT effort in supporting web standards that are almost as old as myself?! Could this be?!

Seriously, their new SVG implementation is amazing. HTML5 support. Hardware accelerated Javascript processing and DOM rendering. CSS3? BORDER-RADIUS SUPPORT?! This is certainly not the Internet Explorer I’ve come to love to hate.

Of course, I can easily dismiss all of this with the simple statement “5 f*****g years too late, chump”. However I can’t bring myself to do so, when I am continually reminded of the fact that this family of browsers still makes up a stupid amount of the market today. Yes, IE share is slipping, but I truly wonder if we’ll ever see that glorious day where IE drops below 40-50% market share. If the migration of standard consumer PCs ensures that we see a good portion of users running on IE9 rather than the joke we’ve come to call IE7, or the slightly less humerous joke we’ve come to call IE8 … well, that’s certainly the lesser of two evils isn’t it?

Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, IE9 probably won’t be around for another year or so. So in the meantime, I’ll continue to burn baby animals on the IE altar, hoping the gods of Microsoft will hear my pleas for my mortal webapplication to function correctly in their worthless POS software (I ain’t talking about no point of sale here either).

Hopefully in that time they’ll improve their laughable ACID3 score. Then again, maybe not. Best not to make people too happy, might start putting their faith in you or something …