Well, after some deliberation I have decided to get back on the horse, so to speak, with my tertiary study. Through the miracle of the interwebs and an organization called Open Universities Australia (OUA), I’ve been studying a degree for the past 8 years on and off.

The undergraduate course I’m studying - one Bachelor of Technology (majoring in Computing Studies), is only supposed to take 3 years fulltime. Unfortunately my study-ethic was pretty terrible when I was younger, so I’m currently only about half way through. To be fair, I did start studying when I was 13 and I guess I just never took my studies too seriously; lack of maturity and focus etc etc. You understand, right? Right?…

Well, anyway. I’ve picked up two units to study this Study Period (the OUA equivalent of a semester - except they cram 4 in one year for max profitz), which is going to be interesting because apparently this workload is equivalent to a standard fulltime uni workload. As it happens, I’m also working full-time right now, so the next few months will definitely not leave me for want of stimulation or entertainment.

The two units I’m studying are CPT223 - Scripting Language Programming and CPT373 - Web Development Technologies. My fulltime job pretty much completely consists of writing rich AJAX web application stuff in PHP/JS, so I’m hoping these units won’t pose too much of a threat. That being said though, I haven’t worked with Python or Perl at all, ever. I have worked with other scripting languages however, such as Small and LUA. I’ve also had relatively little exposure to .NET, although again I worked on decent sized project that consisted of a C# web service backend and VB/C# .NET frontend applications.

Supposedly, a unit should be given at least 10 hours of study a week. So if I’m doing 2 units, 20 hours - I’m theoretically going to need to study about 3 hours a day to keep up with the pace. Given that I’m working 8 hours a day, I’m somewhat banking on the hope that because I’m already pretty familiar with the technologies and principles being covered in these units, my workload should be around half to 2/3 of what it should normally be. I think I can swing 1.5 - 2 hours a day on study, no sweat.

Even if this doesn’t end up being the case, my employment arrangement is in reality a 80% salary deal, although I’m currently working a full 5 days there as there’s a fair bit going on. If my study load became too heavy, there is the possibility that I could scale back a bit to 4 days a week, or even 4.5 days a week (work 5 days every second week).

Study begins in earnest on 1st June! Wish me luck!