The Facebook Platform

Over the past few days I’ve immersed myself in the engaging, complex, diverse, exciting and downright confusing land of Facebook development. I’m currently writing a Wordpress plugin that integrates a blog fairly extensively into a Facebook Profile Tab. With the bulk of the functionality now written, I can step back and reflect on the experience as a whole. I’m now going to post some thoughts on it.

In a word - wow. The process has very much been a rollercoaster ride, let me tell you. I picked a bad time to launch into this project - Facebook is in the process of transitioning from “Facebook Connect” to the new Graph/”Facebook Platform/Open Graph/whatever branding, bringing a slew of new APIs, SDKs, and other changes along with it. For example, right now if you visit the Facebook Developers website, they’re trying to rework all the documentation, hiding the original Developers Wiki in the process, leaving a HUGE gap in the documentation in the process.

Further, right now the Platform as a whole is riddled with inconsistencies in terminology and functionality. What’s worse is the transitory phase is obviously quite involved, and there’s bugs all over the place.

That being said, the Platform is a pretty sexy wonderland of functionality. When I wasn’t encountering odd issues or server latency dramas, it was pretty cool to work with such a diverse environment. That being said, I haven’t actually worked with the Graph API much yet - the application I wrote needed to be integrated into a profile tab, which still only supports FBML/FBJS - no iframe support yet.

I’m going to be posting alot of articles here over the coming weeks/months with nifty things I’ve discovered and “gotchas” I’ve worked around in the land of Facebook. Also, I’ll be putting more info up here soon for the plugin I’m developing that I mentioned earlier, currently dubbed “Faceblog” - not sure if I’m gonna have troubles with this name yet ;)

Stay tuned!