A couple of months I blogged about my super exciting Cork static site generator, and about how I was now dogfooding it for my personal blog. Well, that was 4 months ago, and not a whole lot has happened since then. It turns out having a full-time job, and several other projects of varying ambitiousness, hampers efforts like Cork for me. The end result was my blog looked ugly as hell, and as a result I neglected it. Again.

So now I’m going for a slightly more pragmatic approach. I’m using Octopress to generate my blog. Jekyll is well and truly the most popular static site generator out there, and Octopress gets you from 0 to sexy-blog-plus-mobile-responsive-and-zomg-sexy-asides in 3 seconds. The plugins are mature, so now I should be able to keep onto myself to write a blog post now and then, without the excuse of a half written personal project to stop me.

I haven’t given up on Cork yet though, as a long-term goal I’d still like to finish implementing it, and use it for my blog again. However by the time I get to it, there may be other exciting new site generators out there that I can look into.