Typography, Kerning, and Other Design-y Things.

I’ve always wished I could be better at design. Growing up, my artistic style extended as far as drawing mazes and stick figures - most of the latter looking like they had been horribly deformed by a tragic car accident.

The thing is though, I have always been painfully aware that creating something interesting, something people can get excited about, something people will show to their friends, is just as much about the design as it is the functionality. I had this revelation very early on in my career, but I’ve never had the patience to learn enough about design to apply it practically to things I create, in either my career or my personal endeavours.

I’m trying to change that now though, and with amazing resources like Hack Design, I may actually have a shot at learning a thing or two about design.


Tonight I was going through the second lesson on typography, and came across the fascinating Kerning Game site. It presents a few simple exercises, in which words of differing serif/sans serif fonts have had their kerning messed up, and your task is to restore them to their optimal spacing. I’m usually terrified of trying stuff like this, as I don’t like being reminded of things I’m not good at, but I decided to give it a go.

As it would turn out, I’m a little better at kerning type than I am at drawing stick figures, as I managed to score 93/100 overall for the 10 exercises presented! I’m not sure if this site was sneakily placed in the Hack Design course to give an early morale booster, but hidden agendas be damned! I’m feeling really encouraged and am going to stick at this design thing!