On Finishing Things

I, like many I’m sure, have a terrible habit. That habit is starting things and never finishing them.

There, it’s out there. I’ve said it. It’s done!

I’ve started so many projects in the past year, and looking back I haven’t finished a single one.

The pattern for all of these aborted projects is almost always the same too. An idea takes shape in my mind throughout the day, I research it, validate it, and away I go! Furious coding sessions into the wee hours of the morning. Every waking free moment spent thinking and dreaming about this amazing project. Then suddenly … nothing. I lose steam overnight and forget about the excitement of the project. Several weeks later, an idea takes shape in my mind …

That ends now. I will be working on my most recent idea, a hosted Dash Docset generator for javadoc, over the next few weeks and reporting my progress here, to keep myself accountable. I will be planning out a realistic roadmap to get this project shipped and available for public use.

After that, I will be picking up the second most recent idea I worked on a couple of months ago, and I’ll be shipping that one too. Then, I’ll pick the third most recent idea, and so on.

Why this sudden drive to finish what I’ve started? There’s a couple of reasons actually. For one, the past few months I’ve been heavily into dieting for weight loss and running to increase my fitness. I’ve been setting goals and meeting them, and the feeling is fantastic. It has a measurable impact on my personal and professional life. Secondly, the ability to nail out the last 10% of a project (which, as we all know, is generally 90% of the work) is an important skill I’ll need as I mature professionally. Thirdly, I have aspirations to build some small side ventures that generate passive income. Of course this will never happen if my ideas never make it past a GitHub repository ;)

Off I go! Soon I shall publish an article tracking my progress on finishing project #1!