Announcing Clusterphone

A couple of weeks ago I released a new Node.js library called clusterphone, to assist with intra-cluster messaging. It provides a clean, robust API to pass messages from workers to master, and vice-versa. The README has all the juicy specifics.

So what can you do with clusterphone that you can’t do with the built-in Node.js cluster messaging? Here’s a short list:

  • Dispatch messages to specific handlers on both master and worker ends.
  • Acknowledge the receipt and handling of messages.
  • Send messages to workers straight away, without worrying about them being online yet (messages are queued and sent when worker is ready).
  • Namespace messaging, so your library has no risk of conflicting with other libraries / the application using the messaging layer.
  • Acknowledge / wait for acknowledgement API supports either Node-style callbacks or Promises.

I wrote this library because I wanted to trivialize Node.js cluster messaging. I found some existing libraries out there, but none of them had all the features I wanted. Worse, very few of them had enough tests for me to be very confident in them. At the time of writing, clusterphone has 98% test coverage.

If you end up using the library, or have some thoughts about it, please feel free to get in touch!